Why Communication Is Essential To Business

Communication, when you get down to it, is the transfer of information from one point to another and back. And for businesses, this is extremely crucial. Communication for a business has to do with the constant flow of information, both coming from inside the company to other parts of the company, inside to outside the company, or outside to inside the company.

Businesses need to communicate constantly, and while it is much harder for larger businesses and corporations to do it effectively, it is something they have to constantly work at. That is even more important in these post-pandemic times, where communication is a bit more difficult.

But why do companies need to be able to communicate so much?

Why Must Companies Communicate Anyway?

First, it improves engagement. No. Not online engagements, but employee engagement. Employee engagement, according to Custom Insight, is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. In short, it shows how happy your employees are. Communication from leadership, which means carrying employees along and being upfront about everything, is one of the top factors that statistically correlates to how engaged employees are. In a short sentence, more communication results in happier employees.

Second, remote workers feel like part of the group. One of the pains with remote work is that if you work remotely, you will most likely feel left out of many things. Meetings will happen without you, team bondings, assignments, and so on. You will most likely feel ignored.

Better communication with remote workers will reduce this feeling and have a significant positive impact on how they collaborate and feel. Things like coordinating across time zones, overcoming language and cultural barriers, and intentional efforts to bring them into the team are ways to better communicate with remote workers.

Thirdly, it’s a way of building great company culture. Why have we heard so much about Google, Hubspot, and Adobe? Why do people want to work at companies so much? It’s because they have a great company culture. Communication is a great strategy for building a better company culture and workplace environment. Companies with free, transparent communication have happier employees and a healthier work atmosphere.

Of course, these are only some reasons why communication is essential for business. There are many more reasons such as productivity and employee turnover which just shows further why communication should be one of the priorities of a successful business or company.