If we’re being honest, being a customer service representative is such a pain. You have to deal with different people who are most likely calling because they are having a bad day and who all have no inclinations of being nice in any way. You also have to maintain courtesy throughout, as well as hold yourself to the company principles and please your boss.

It’s a lot of bottles to juggle, especially if you’re a newbie just starting. So, we have curated some tips for you that we think will help. Here goes:

1. People Talk Very Fast. Take Notes Because You Won’t Remember A Thing

If you meet a stranger on the street who talked to you, and an hour later, someone said “What’d that guy say to you. Write it down for me,” chances are you won’t be able to write down up to 50% of what went down.

This is why taking notes is so important. It helps you get the key points of each of the conversations, as well as any other things that might be helpful in resolving the customer’s issue. Write things down.

If your company records calls, then that may not be necessary because the calls will be recorded, stored, and accessible for reproduction at any time. Still write, just in case.

2. Don’t Let Them Know You Are New

People love to take advantage of others. It’s our nature as humans. So, don’t give them any room to do so. Even though that may be your first day as a customer service rep, never show it. Exude confidence. Be calm and relaxed. This way, you let them know that you can solve their issues, and you calm your nerves. Win, win.

3. Patience, Please

People will get on your nerves. They will be pushy and annoying. Be patient with them. Never lose your temper. Also, instead of hurrying to provide an answer before the customer finishes talking, listen with patience. Never jump in. It makes you look unprofessional, and it will greatly frustrate the customer.

Instead, wait till they are done, ask questions if necessary, and try to provide the solutions you can.

4. Try To be Positive

As much as possible, keep up a positive attitude. People can pick up on the moods of others. So no matter how challenging it is, maintaining a positive attitude will reflect confidence, and it will settle the user’s nerves, signaling to them that you are capable of finding a solution.

To all new customer service reps out there, good luck in your endeavor.